30+ Lovely Backyard Landscape Designs Ideas for Any Season

Craving for lovely backyard design ideas? Professionals share that careful planning is the key to a backyard landscape with professional looking that you want it so bad. With a good landscaping, you can even turn a little drab backyard into a little paradise. First of all, determine the focal point of your backyard. It can be a statue, pool, tree, pergola, or any elements as long as it is attractive and large enough to be seen. After choosing the focal point, start to make the landscape plan.

After making sure of everything through the plan, start your work from the biggest elements including the focal point also the trees. To plant the tree, prevent any air pockets that can damage it. Give a space for the tree to sit on by leaving a pile of soil at the bottom. Put the root ball to the ground hole and set the surface to be a little bit higher from the ground. To maintain the moisture of the roots, spare some space around the trunk to create a water ring.

The next step to realize a lovely backyard design ideas is planting the border areas including fence and exterior walls. Plant the shrubs that are lower than your windows and put the colorful plants or flowers in the next outer layer. Make sure that the plants are shorter than the shrubs.

You might need to plant sod, the best friend for backyards in any seasons. Avoid planting them under a deep shade to make sure they receive enough sunlight to grow well. As the finishing, put mulch for a tidy professional look. Hundreds of lovely backyard design ideas you can find and set as reference, but after all the most crucial to get it is by following the basic rule of landscaping.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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