24+ Beautiful Rustic Italian Houses Decorating Ideas

Rustic style is interesting idea for home decoration. This is common for house in rural area with more nature at surrounding. On the other hand, there is not rule where you can implement rustic idea. Even though the design is common for big house, you still has a chance to make the room and house with beautiful rustic Italian decoration.

To know more about this idea, you should understand about rustic decoration. In old days, the houses did not have much modern tools and appliances. Most of furniture still had wooden pattern that looks natural. This is where rustic idea starts to form the solid foundation from nature-based theme. Anything which looks countryside can have rustic touch. You may look closely on cottage located in rural area or far from nearby residential area. The design is dedicated to blend into nature. The house utilizes nature color for painting, and the stones for floors. This is the example of what rustic looks like when you implement it completely into the house.

Combination of rustic and Italian house is not new thing. In fact, you may find such house easily. Italian style is about art and appearance. On contrary, rustic is the combination of nature and bold design. Both seem in opposite position but you can mix and match. You can build the home with less window and more natural outer painting. After stepping into the home, the decoration starts changing from the old into modern one. Rustic Italian decoration combines the old time house with modern vibe.

The key for this idea is in color. You should choose furniture with attractive colors, such as dark brown, medium black, and grey. Furniture with dark brown will look like you have wooden material. Of course, it is not necessary since many alternatives are available to imitate what wooden pattern looks like. As you know, appearance is the key if you want rustic vibe. On the other hand, Italian style will come from furniture that looks classy and elegant. That is the idea you should try for the new rustic Italian decoration.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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