25+ Rustic Bathroom Shelves Storage Ideas

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Even if you can only manage a tiny space for your bathroom, you should not think that it is the end for you. It is normal to be worried about not being able to fit bathroom essentials within the space. However, you can actually achieve such with by applying smart bathroom shelves storage ideas. The following ideas have rustic vibe to it. Not only it is easy to create on your own, this style also enhances the naturalness of your bathroom.

The first bathroom shelves storage idea is compartmentalizing. You should never just pile up your bathroom items on the shelves. It is important to organize your items, and you might need help for that. Rustic woven baskets can actually help you achieving this. You can place several baskets and label them according to the contents. Using basket is going to create the open sense in your bathroom. All of your bathroom essentials are within reach if you are applying this system.

You can also build smaller shelf unit for your smaller bathroom items such as toothbrush, bodywash, and even makeup equipment. It can be built from scraps of woods that you will be able to find at affordable price. You create sections in square shapes and fill each square with glass. You can place your smaller bathroom essentials in there. This shelf unit is easy to clean and will make your small bathroom space less cluttered.

If you want another unique idea for your storage space in the bathroom, you can install a small metal wall in your bathroom. To use this unique shelf, you need to attach a magnet to bathroom items you want to store there by using super glue. It would be better if the bathroom items are not the one that regularly gets wet or too heavy. This bathroom shelves storage idea is perfect to store makeup stash

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