25+ Amazing Bohemian Style For Living Room

Bohemian style is currently one of the interior designs for a unique home than any other home interior design. This design is very contrary to other home interior designs, because there are no restrictions at all in decorating the room. This design style is often associated with people’s freedom to express themselves.

Naturally, a house that implements this interior design has an irregular impression and looks eccentric. Even so, over time this interior design became much in demand and finally one of the attractive home decor styles to apply. So, you also don’t hurt to try to apply this decoration in your home, for example in the living room area. In addition to the model that looks irregular and looks eccentric as previously mentioned, you need to know more about this Bohemian style in order to better understand its characteristics in more depth.

This bohemian design is the very opposite of minimalist interior design, for example, which has a clean and orderly impression. This interior design often uses a color scheme that collides so as to create a contrasting impression in it. We no longer need to mess around to adjust the various colors between the furniture with a variety of existing decoration materials. Because of this irregularity makes an interesting impression of the bohemian design itself.

In addition, the design of this bohemian often combines various materials with different textile materials. Usually it is often applied to carpets, bed covers, pillows, to blankets. Between one and another, it has different materials and textures that are very striking.

Interestingly, bohemian designs often use various forms of art and ornamental plants as accessories for their room decoration. Often also combined with various vintage items from various eras. This way, if you want freedom of expression, you can try Bohemian style.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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