53+ Creative Farmhouse Dining Room Table Ideas

The dining area of your house is a functional space where family members utilize to dine in and gather. Sometimes, when homeowner only has limited space, the dining area must accommodate the function of storage area for your dining ware. Such rule is especially applied if you have a dining and kitchen room combo. Luckily there are some interesting farmhouse dining room ideas you can apply to tackle this issue. The farmhouse style will improve the aesthetics of your room exponentially.

If you have an interesting collection of printed mugs, you can build customized hanger to place your mugs by their handles. It is recommended to use natural finished piece of wood as the main structure of your hanger in order to amplify the farmhouse vibe. You need to ensure that your hooks are strong and securely attached to the wood so your mugs will hang in there safely. This way you are saving a considerable amount of cupboard space. It also enables you to reach for your mug easier.

You can also use two in one furniture by applying this farmhouse dining room table idea. This idea can be applied if you mostly want your dining or kitchen equipment to stay hidden. You can actually opt for a dining table with storage space underneath. You can purchase chest style table with rustic farmhouse vibe for your dining area. If you want to, you can actually purchase several cabinet units and arrange them to form a dining table. It might look like a bit of work, but the result would be stunning.

It is also possible for you to utilize your wall to build small pantry space. This space can be placed in the corner of your dining area if you want to. You can install sliding barn door to further enhance the vibe of farmhouse dining room. That would be an interesting idea to try out.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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