45+ Unique Garden Tub Decoration Ideas

When you have enough spot in your front or backyard, you can make it as a nice private garden. Just design it well, so it will turn into great open space in your house where you can enjoy the nature. The space may give comfort and fresh air when you are bored of staying inside the rooms. In this case, you need to consider of having garden tub. You are able to find some good garden tub decoration ideas that give the references in creating garden tub.

Having garden tub may not become the common ideas in utilizing outdoor space at house. However, it surely gives great sensation when you are able to get relaxed on tub while enjoying garden and blue sky. In addition, there is nice example of garden tub decoration. Well, certain spot in garden is turned into small crater with brick wall and floor. Then, this is dedicated to place the garden tub. There are some pots of plants around the tub, including on small stairs to enter the tub.

The next reference of garden tub decoration ideas is quite unique. It utilizes some real tubs as a part of decoration. The old and used tubs are turned into big pots with some flowers. The tubs are repainted, so they have same colors. Then, the tubs are arranged around the real tub. It gives unique decoration idea in the garden. There are also some wires with bulb lamps above the tub area. With the bulbs, spending time in tub at night is possible and even it can make things more relaxing.

These are the nice ideas of utilizing the area of garden. Having outdoor tub can give different sensation of relaxing. Of course, the tubs can also be created as part of decorative stuff. Just turn the used and broken tubs into big pots to enhance the uniqueness of garden tub decoration ideas.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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