40+ Simple Boho Style Bedroom Decor and Design Ideas

Bringing Boho or Bohemian style into your bedroom means bringing culture and aesthetic that makes it livelier, unique, and carefree but somehow still relaxing. Boho style bedroom ideas identical colors are warm earthy tones like fiery orange, deep browns, greens, electric blue, and grays that are combined and layered each other. The key to boho style is a freedom to mix textures and patterns you want even though they don’t look common. If you worry that the mixture and layer are going to be too much, you can use white as the backdrop to neutralize the rich tones.

Be ready that Boho style bedroom ideas will force you to say goodbye to modern and minimalist theme. Mixing and matching Boho style decorative materials are really fun challenge. Materials with a slight worn look present strong Boho character. Put a canopy over your bed. Make your ‘nest’ even cozier with fluffy pillows covered with fabric that rich of patterns from all around the world, crochet, fringe, and throw-rugs.

Layer the throws on top of your bedroom furniture. You may put vintage furniture to fit the Boho theme. Secondhand items also work well if you plan to save your budget. Butterfly chairs are good choice to match the style. To decorate the plain wall, you can hang area rugs or tapestries along with your frames. Do not forget to leave the plain space for equation of the visual space. In addition, decorate your bedroom with hanging plants that withstands in any temperature and light level to keep the air quality.

For the lighting of Boho style bedroom ideas, choose understated or warm lightings to bring the calm and cozy feel like candles and table lamps. To be more into Boho feels, display accessories that tell your story, for example souvenirs from your travel and your handmade crafts.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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