37+ Amazing Indoor Plants Decor Ideas For Your Apartment

Ornamental plants have a very important role in a room. In addition to making the room more beautiful, but ornamental plants also have other excellent benefits such as making the room fresher, killing bacteria that are harmful to the body, reducing stress, and improving eye health. Besides, plants in the room will also help reduce dirty dust from the outside. Therefore, the plants inside will make your room healthier and more comfortable, especially in an apartment. This is because the size of the apartment room is more minimalist. If you have a high-rise apartment, then it is advisable to put some plants in certain corners. Lots of choices of indoor plant decorthat can make your apartment more healthy and beautiful.

The first and most frequent example you encounter in various places is the aloe vera indoor plant. This plant can function as decoration and also medicine. This is because the liquid that is in the aloe vera can treat scars. This aloe vera will add to the beauty of the room by placing it near the window. In the corner of the room, you can put Areca Palm and Dracaena. Both of these indoor plants can be placed in parts that are not exposed to direct sunlight. Besides, the shape of Areca Palm and Dracaena is very unique so it is suitable to be used as indoor plant decor.Both of these plants can also help the air in the room is cleaner and also healthier.

Another example of indoor plants is the Boston Fern. Unlike the others, Boston Fern is a potted plant hanging so that its shape looks more unique. This plant is very suitable to be placed in the bathroom or kitchen. This is because this plant does not need direct sunlight. Therefore, decorating your kitchen and bathroom will be more beautiful. Indoor plants decorsuitable for apartments is Bromelia. To care for this plant is not difficult. This is because Bromelia is a plant that is not easily attacked by pests. Besides, this plant will also continue to flourish even if you put it in a part of the room that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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