35 Gorgeous Chinese New Year

Making another Chinese New Year comes into a beautiful moment is not a dream anymore. It is the time to wake up and set the fire on your heart. Read some recommendations below and also its philosophical values in Chinese beliefs and culture. Prepare them all to celebrate more cheerful Lunar New Year in 2020.

Making the foods to show your gratefulness is one of most favorite things to be done in any kinds of Chinese celebration in New Year. For example, make the spring rolls by the means of getting the luck, or dumplings to celebrate the reunify of all family members after a long time. Besides, you can still find many kinds of foods and stuffs.

Think about making beautiful home decor in celebrating Chinese New Year. Beautify your house by using some home decors, such as mat, vase, flowers, or pictures frame in color of gold and red. Two both colors bring the nuance of Lunar New Year as well as the atmosphere of happiness. Some people believe the existence of flowers and fish can be the sign of luck. If you don’t think the food and home decors are your favorite things, try to play with other creativity.

You can also make the New Year feel even more gorgeous by selecting new fashion or making family uniform. There are many families in this event, making their own uniform to wear. The fact is then many kinds of family uniform can be selected, especially if you are the type of fashion addict. You can pick the classic style, Cantonese style, oriental, or even adapting the western style with modification.

Well, celebrate more colorful and delightful Chinese New Year by preparing more things. Remember the most important thing is to bring more philosophy and family to this celebration.

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