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Having comfortable living room is everyone’s dream. If you are the type of person who likes rustic farmhouse style, the memorable, modern, natural and warm living room will be suitable. Farmhouse style has been known for its homey atmosphere that can bring back nostalgia. If you intend to decorate family room, it never hurts to choose this style. You can see the pictures as inspiration for your rustic farmhouse living room decor.

The use of natural materials is indeed very dominant in rustic farmhouse style. This is an advantage for you who like natural elements. Wood is also easily combined with various other materials to present the modern look. Combined with casual colors, your living room will be very cozy to make your guests feel comfortable and don’t get bored easily.

Besides natural elements, you can also add decorations in the form of plants to give fresh and earthy impression. Apart from being a decoration, plants also have a function as the provider of free oxygen, so the air inside remains clean. Another benefit is if the plant blooms, you will get an additional natural air freshener with beautiful look. Casual colors like white are also recommended as a part of rustic farmhouse living room decor. These colors will look good and blend with wooden furniture.

Do not worry and just take it easy if you only have limited budget. The cost for applying rustic farmhouse living room decor can be minimized by choosing second-hand items with affordable prices. The rustic style itself is focused on a simple appearance and tends to look “tangled”. You can also pick the unused objects or do DIY art besides decorating the space. As the living room serves as family gathering place, it is better to add personal decorations, like family photos or DIY wall hanging to enhance the warmness.

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Doret Frazier