As we know, having small bathroom at home may be less comfortable. You may not flexible to move when you are there. However, you cannot do much with the dimension of bathroom. What you can do is to remodel and redesign it. Decorating this room can be a good way to change the overall vibe. It may not make the room spacious, but at least you will feel more comfortable. Of course, there are some small bathroom remodel ideas to try in changing the room’s atmosphere.

For example, just try to change the bathroom color and furniture organization. In term of color, pick single tone, and it can be white as the basic. This is perfect color to give impression of clean space. However, it is also able to create the effect as if your bathroom is spacious. Of course, in term of furniture, it is better to use less big furniture, and it is good idea to use some hungers or hooks. The corners walls may be utilized to be the small storages.

In addition, white is not the only color option to pick. In this case, your bathroom can have two tones. For example, the wall is divided horizontally, and each part has different color. This is simple way, yet it can change the feeling. It can also be supported by proper lighting. Actually, it is great to remodel bathroom by having the windows. This small addition is the great part of small bathroom remodel ideas.

Well, these are only some ideas for decorating and remodeling bathroom. The main idea is to arrange the space. Since it has limited area, please use only the important furnishings. Too many items will consume the space and it is bad idea for small interior. Then, changing the color can give great effect in creating comfortable small bathroom remodel ideas.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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