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When you just bought yourself a home, but it is small. It will be best if you can make every room in the house feels spacious. If you’re newlywed, and you only have a budget that isn’t so much, it will be best to look up for an idea. The minimalist concept is the best house theme we ever know so far. For a newlywed couple that just started a life as a family could be suitable for you because this minimalist idea is friendly to your budget inside the wallet and credit card. In this article, we will talk about the cool minimalist house design idea with fabulous storage.

The minimalist theme is a house design concept that prioritizes the space of the house. Even though the house is small, it will look spacious. How? The minimalist concept idea adapts illusionary of the spaciousness. Moreover, as I mentioned, this house design concept is really friendly toward your budget. So, that is why this can be suitable for a newlywed couple.
If we want some storage in the cool minimalist house design idea, we can put some cabinets in the room that often to be the main mobility activities. However, what type of it will be different. What we need the type attached to the wall instead on the floor. With this, it will create an illusionary of spaciousness.

For additional tips, you shall not put a lot of furniture in a single room. The best furniture we need is definitely multi-purpose and multi-function furniture. To make the illusion works better, we need to repaint the wall and ceiling with neutral colors, such as white, silver, and gray. Also, don’t forget to match the furniture color with the wall. And that is how you can make a beautiful house with a cool minimalist house design idea.

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Doret Frazier