30+ Lovely French Country Living Room Design to This Fall

French country style is identical with elegant and country houses since it presents feelings of casual and warm. Because of that, this style will be easily blended to everyone’s house. A French country living room commonly applies the distinctive colors like gold, soft yellow, fiery red, cream, and also soft ocean tones including baby blue. On the contrary, the French country interiors make a great contrast through the texture and the color.

The use of natural materials is the soul of French country living room decoration. It looks so unique and lovely to use natural textured materials like carved woods or rough stained walls.
Another character of French Country style is the presence of stone or ceramic fireplace. In the French country living room, you should not hang curtain, drapes, or any fabrics on the windows. To keep privacy, it is suggested to put lacy panels so the sunshine can still go through.

French country interiors often use decorated fabrics with checks, basic plaids, and stripes pattern. The prints usually combined from the primary color shade with bright orange, lavender, and green. There is a traditional fabric of French country named Toile. Mostly it appears in white, yellow ground, or cream combined with contrast-colored large motifs of Chinese patterns, farm animals, courting scenes, monkeys, or bucolic country scenes in red, green, black, or blue.

The use of rustic furniture dominates a lot in designing a French country living room, including rustic flooring made of clay, stone, brick, or old woods. Decorate the living room wall with old paintings and put natural flowers on clear glasses, pitchers, or baskets to add more colors in your living room. To sum up, the main focus of this style is presenting an old but charming atmosphere that will make you feel really comfortable to be in the room, moreover when the fall comes to ring your time-to-cuddle alarm.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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