30+ Cozy Bedroom Monocrhomatic Color Scheme Ideas

Although many people want to try out monochromatic theme in within their bedrooms, only few actually execute the idea. It is because the color scheme tends to look washed out and boring. It is true that although monochromatic color choice makes for a cozy bedroom since the color has relaxing effect; your room may look boring without appropriate styling. How can you maintain the color scheme while still making the room interesting?

The first thing that you can do is adding texture to the room. You can place a fuzzy rug at the side of your bed. The rug can be in off-white color or even soft grey color. In addition to be a perfect cushion for when you are walking to your bed, this rug makes your room more alive because it does not look as two dimensional spaces anymore. Instead of using rug, you can also purchase a fuzzy blanket which you place on top of the bed. The fuzziness should be really palpable. It is going to make your bedroom looking cozier.

You can place your favorite artworks around the space to make your cozy bedroom looking even more lived in. The artworks can be as simple as portrait of the full moon or even your own drawings. You can use black color frame for each artwork. It is advised against adding neon colored artworks if you want to keep the coolness of your room. Instead, you are recommended to choose artwork with soft colors. Even with soft colors, your room will still get enough extra charm.

Another way to arrange your monochromatic cozy bedroom is adding a sitting space not far from the bed. It can be in the form of two cozy armchairs facing each other or even a single plush armchair with a standing lamp. The addition of this seating area will give impression that you spend a great deal of time in the room.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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