30+ Best RV Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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The bathroom would be one part of the house that should not be missed in matters of designing the decoration. Even though sometimes it doesn’t have a larger room size than other rooms in the house, you still decorate it with attractive bathroom design.

Nowadays, RV bathroom is becoming a bathroom design that is liked by many people. The attractive design, despite its limited space, makes it an option for an ideal bathroom size by optimizing the remaining space for adjacent rooms. Apart from at home, bathrooms with this design are often applied in public places such as cafes.

If you are also interested in designing your house’s bathroom into an RV bathroom, then you need to follow various tips and the right way how to remake your bathroom model with this bathroom model. Not only that, but you also need to know a variety of decor accessories that are just right to be placed in this bathroom model.

Some decorative accessories are the same for use as the bathroom in general. However, in this type of bathroom model, it is highly recommended to make these accessories also have the value or function needed in the bathroom. Like the towel hanger that is inside for example. Surely you can look for unusual and unique towel hangers that are sold in the market. Besides being able to be used, of course, you can also make things as bathroom decorations.

Another example that you can make even more decorative is the showerhead. You can look for a more attractive model or shape of the showerhead at the store, but also adjust to your needs so that it is comfortable when used. Or for example, you can also adjust it again with a bathroom brush along with the holder, toilet paper, to a small plant to decorate this RV bathroom room.

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