28+ Astonishing Kitchen Without Island

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Kitchen without island is probably an option for those who live in tight space. Usually, a kitchen is indeed completed by a kitchen island. It is like a table storage place right in the middle of the kitchen. The function of this island is quite a lot. It can be used for extra storage and also as dining area and cooking station, too. However, when your kitchen is too small, there is no way you can place the island as it will make the kitchen even smaller.

Some kitchens have sufficient size, too, but they opt not to use the island. It means that even when the kitchen is big enough, some homeowners do not like the island and choose not to use one. If you do not like the kitchen island, too, and prefer to have a kitchen without island at home, you will have to be clever in designing and arranging the kitchen so that it won’t look void because the middle is left empty without the island.

There are a lot of ways to replace the island and make the kitchen looks great. They can be tricked by using larger-sized kitchen appliances and furniture items. Also, the island can be replaced with dining table, bar stools and many more, depending on your preferences. The kitchen should always be well-decorated as it is used in daily basis. That is why the arrangement of the kitchen without the usage of that kitchen island must be well-thought in advanced.

Down below, there are more than 28 pictures of kitchens, decorated without the usage of an island. You can see from the pictures that a kitchen will look absolutely amazing with or without an island as long as you have the right theme, the right idea and the right furniture to fill the space. The kitchen without island pictures should be able to inspire you right now.

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