25+ Marvelous Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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Living a city life with modern things and technology sometimes make people want to feel the peace and calmness in villages and farm. The good news is you don’t need to spend your time to travel far away from the town and decide to live a farmer life. Why don’t bring the farmhouse style to your home with farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas?

Enjoying farmhouse’s retro and rustic style while taking a bath after a full day of work perhaps will give such therapy to refresh your mind and energy. Even though farmhouse theme is going to conjure your bathroom to the old-style one, it doesn’t mean you will lose the functionality. It is just an appearance matter. Finding modern bathroom hardware nowadays with retro or old look is not a hard nut to crack, so don’t worry about it.

Moreover, farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas use various repurposed items composing the elements, such as old wood, galvanized metal, concrete, and mason jars that may create cozy space and homey atmosphere. Because of that, these ideas actually are budget friendly and highly recommended if you do not have enough space for a vanity in your house. Having a single cabinet combining vanity and bathroom sink makes you don’t need to plot two different areas for sink and dresser. It is perfect to save your bathroom space efficiently.

If you prefer an open shelf vanity, you can look for one that built with sink and also cabinet. It provides enough room to put baskets and towels in the open space and store your bathroom products in the cabinet. In addition, most of farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas are DIY, so you are free to customize the design with your own taste of art and creativity regardless of the size and shape of the bathroom.

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