25+ Beautiful Design Spaces That Are Filled With Beauty and Intention

A home can be said as a great one if having great design spaces. It would be much greater if all the spaces in the house looked beautiful and functional. Certainly, you will really enjoy every activity in your room. Let’s design a house room to be beautiful and functional? Then, how to do it? That is so easy. Below will be explained clearly. Check it out!
Ornamental air purification plants

These house accessories may be underestimated, but make sure you have at least a few plants in the room. Although often only considered as room decoration, growing ornamental plants in a living room can be one way to present a natural air filter. You can place these home accessories near a study table or computer desk when studying or working, your mind will be clearer and calm.

Character Storage – Want to display knick-knacks at the same time reflect the character of the room appropriately? This wall decoration inspiration is the exact answer. Usually placed in the bathroom or other private spaces, these wall shelves offer extra storage that is stylish and super functional. Carrying Zen style, fill it with other home knick-knacks so that the impression of comfort is more leverage at home.

Space with ceiling decoration – One that is quite often encountered is the chandelier. In addition to functioning as lighting, this chandelier is also a powerful way to give the impression of luxury in the living room as well as being a beautiful centerpiece in the home space.

In addition to the chandelier, you can use a pendant lamp for a more contemporary style. Or it could be a ceiling fan that can not only be a decoration, but also as an alternative to cope with hot temperatures without the need to use air conditioning, so it is, of course, more environmentally friendly and economical for your design spaces.

Space with attractive furniture – A sofa is one of the important elements and is always present in the living room. Choosing a sofa that is now widely available in attractive shapes, could be the easiest way to make different any space decorations.

Choose an unusual sofa, both in terms of shape, color, motifs, and materials. For example, velvet sofas are very soft and can make anyone feel comfortable. Moreover, the color choices are also attractive starting from blue, orange, purple and so on.

A space with beautiful accessories – For a small room, you can display a mirror with an interesting shape or frame, because it not only beautifies the room but also will make the room feel more spacious.

Besides mirrors, you might also consider decorating the room with copper knick-knacks for a warm and elegant impression. The color with shades of brown will be very suitable if combined with elements made from wood.

Carpets can also be a choice of accessories where you can play with various choices of motifs and colors so that it becomes a special attraction in your space, especially the living room.
Those are inspirations of design spaces with beautiful and functional components.

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