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1980s interior design is kinda ok to me. It has its own classic vibe, especially those years was popular with music such as punk rock and hip-hop. Today is 2020 where everything is already modern, but some people want to nostalgic with the old vibe, they used to live in the 1980s. If you’re kinda fan of classical of the modern age, you can apply this house interior too. Don’t worry if it comes to money, this interior design is averagely affordable and easy to apply. So, let me open our topic today. In this article, we will talk about the Ludlow’s 1980s house interior.

Based on my research on the internet, I would summarize what I know about the 1980 interior design. It looks like a farmhouse with a vibe, a different vibe from farmhouses we know. Probably because of the art decors that are hanging in the wall. As another option, you can put some posters of old singers that were famous in the 1980s. This will give the different vibe I mentioned before. Somehow, it has some French vibe too, but more into the New Orleans one. You can put a jukebox too in the corner of the room to add more vibe in the Ludlow’s 1980s house interior.

As the interior design, most of them are made of wood with a bold brown varnish color. It is basically a farmhouse with the 80s musical vibe. It also combined with the pastel colors, such as cream. As you know, pastel colors are the desaturated version of any base color, and it is one of the aspects of the minimalist theme concept.

As a summary, the Ludlow’s 1980s house interior is a combination of bold brown varnished color and the pastel cream color. It has a vibe of music if you put some famous 80s singers.

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